OOTD: My first party outfit

This year I had 7 Christmas parties in total, often with the same people (mainly my boyfriend ;-)). Since I don’t want to wear the same outfit over and over again I tend to buy two new outfits for the holidays every year (oops). I’d love to show you my gold-black dress from Bobo Tremelo.


I just love Christmas – and that’s a good thing since I often have a lot of parties to attend to. Two with my sweet girlfriends, one with my family, two with my boyfriend’s family and since we live together we also like to celebrate a little bit just the two of us.


So you can guess it already, from the beginning of December I start looking for the perfect holiday outfit, often not one but two! This year I found two beautiful dresses at Bobo Tremelo. Every year they have beautiful outfits for the holidays and this year I caved.


I went with my sweet friend Caroline to the Christmas fashion show and fell in love with, well, nearly everything! So we went crazy and bought ourselves some beautiful stuff. This dress was already sold out that day but luckily I ordered it online, so all the people who saw me trying it on asked where I found the dress. And now the best part, you won’t believe the price! It was only €35, no – that’s no typing mistake – €35.


The dress is just perfect – loose on top but with a bodycon skirt. The back also has a small lace part which I am quite fond of. In a couple of days I will show you my other holiday dress which I wore for NYE.

Dress – Bobo Tremelo

Cardigan – H&M

Necklace – New Look

Handbag – La Pomme de Lovely

Shoes – Primark


Have a wonderful 2016,



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