How do we clean our skin in the right way?

Tell me, who always cleans his face before going to sleep? Who of you girls ever woke up with a face looking like a panda thinking: “Oops, I forgot to remove my make up!” I’m going to admit that I’ve already done it several times. Unfortunately, our skin is not so happy about that. Your skin will shout a big “Thank you” when you clean it before you go to bed. But why is removing your make up so important? And how do we do it the right way?

The lazybones among us (where sometimes I’m one of) who don’t remove there make up have higher chances to have wrinkles , pimples and clogged pores. Our skin recovers during the night and a clean skin repairs and refreshes faster.

But how do we clean our skin the right way?

There are several ways to clean your skin but I’m going to tell you more about the traditional and most used way. Before I begin, I would like to warn you all to be very careful with ‘ready to use wipes’. I know, they are so easy but they are not always good for your skin. Some of these wipes contain lots of perfume and alcohol and this can make your skin very dry and irritated, especially the delicate skin around your eyes will turn red and gets agitated. I also sometimes use it after a long day of work or a late night out but I can just give you the tip to make thoughtful choices. Look for wipes with a soft and gentle cleanser.

Now… How do we perform this perfect cleaning of our skin?

We need:

  • Cotton pads
  • Cleaning product for your eyes
  • Cleaning milk
  • Tonic
  • A facial cream
  1. Always start with your eyes. Put some cleaning product on a cotton pad. Press lightly around your eyes. Do not rub too aggressively because your eyes are sensitive. You can put a little bit of the product on the cotton pad and keep it on your eyelid for around 15 to 20 seconds and let the make-up ‘melt away’.
  1. After your eyes it’s time to do the rest of your face. To do this we use some cleaning milk. Put some cleaner on a cotton pad and apply it on your face. Afterwards you remove it with a clean cotton pad.

TIP Create an upward movement and not a downside one. Believe me, gravity already does its job on you face and we don’t want to help it more.

  1. After this we use a tonic, this will remove the last traces of make-up. You can also use a cotton pad for this.
  1. Last but not least we use a facial cream which will protect and hydrate your face during your beauty sleep

Another way to do clean your skin is with a cleaning gel. Lately I’m a big fan of this method because you can skip step one, two and even three. After using the cleaning gel you immediately apply some facial cream and you’re done!

Write you later pretty girls!



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