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Ah Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. The atmosphere, the nice food, all your loved ones around you and of course – presents! Sony & WalkieTalkie want to make the bloggers all cheerful & happy this year and started a present relay. You receive a wonderful cd from a fellow blogger and you can hand out a cd to another sweet blogger of your choice!

The cheerful Hanne from hannewhale had the honour of starting the relay and she decided to make me (very!) happy with a small present in my mailbox. Hanne & I met during the #myvitabreak brunch (also organised by the wonderful people of Walkietalkie) and we immediately got along. Apparently I confessed during our talk that I am quite a fan of Justin Bieber (check out his new song Love yourself – you’ll love it!). Since Justin Bieber & One Direction are somewhat in the same ‘Let’s sing along in the shower’ category, Hanne thought that their new album Made in the AM could make me happy – and to be honest, it did! One Direction just makes feel good songs and we all love to feel good, right?!


So – Hanne made me really happy with this wonderful present from Sony, BUT, I could also make someone else happy with a cd. The choice was hard but eventually I chose the sweet Ellen from EllenBruwiere. Ellen inspired me a lot these couple of months and finally decided to make the big jump and become a blogger herself. Her new website is just amazing and the recipes are so yummy! Next to that, Ellen is sweet & funny and to top it all of, she is doing so great for herself that she just deserves a present!

At first I wanted to give her an up-tempo album on which she could workout – something like David Guetta or Martin Solveig, but then I saw one album and I immediately knew – that’s the one! This would be the album I would choose for myself, since this group is so good. They sing a capella songs and it’s just amazing. Pentatonix isn’t very familiar in Europe but they are such a talented group of singers. To make this album even more perfect, they have Christmas songs on there! So, my sweet Ellen, I hope you will enjoy Pentatonix their new album ‘That’s Christmas to me’ as much as I enjoy them. And to not keep you guys hanging, here’s their amazing single!






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