Get ready for Xmas: homemade face masks

Christmas is around the corner and we all want to look stunning during the holidays, right? So I found (and tried) two facial masks that work magic on your skin and are super cheap. Why? Because you have all the ingredients right in your kitchen! Quick beauty preparation before that dinner? Check!


The honey mask

The first mask I would like to present is one that removes stains, acne scars and wrinkels after second use already!

Each ingredient of this mask has a specific and focused action. This mask actually works very refreshing and leaves the skin extremely soft and smooth. It might happen that you feel a little tingling sensation, but it dissepears quite quickly and that way you’re sure it works!

So what do we need for this natural mask?

* 1 teaspoon honey

* 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

* 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

* 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

How do you prepare it?

Quite easy, mix all the ingredients together into a paste.

If you have a sensitive skin, limit or leave out the lemon. In such cases, add a little more honey to make the texture more thick.

What now?

Apply the paste to the face , but avoid the eye area and mouth. Let it stand for 30 minutes or at least 10 minutes if you cannot stand the burning sensation. In the end, flush the mask with warm water and apply the cream you usually use.


The Japanese rice mask

I’ll admit, this mask looks a bit funny when you put it on but the effects are so good and you can see your face brightening up instantly.

What do we need?

* 3 tablespoons rice

* 1 tablespoon honey

* 1 tablespoon milk

How to prepare it?

Boil the rice and strain it, but keep the water in which you boiled it. Mix one tablespoon of warm milk with rice and add a spoonful of honey and mingle all the ingredients with a mixer.

What now?

Clean your skin, apply the mask and let it dry itself on the face. Then, rinse it with the water in which you cooked the rice. Rice water has strong antioxidant properties. It hydrates the skin and stimulates blood circulation, helps in removing wrinkles and reduces inflammation. If you want to get great results, use this mask once a week, it will make your skin glow!

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