Christmas atmosphere in Valkenburg

Oh boy, I am such a fan of Christmas. Decorating a Christmas tree, all the little lights, all the love and warmth from your family and of course the presents. But what I like above all is visiting Christmas fairs and drinking glühwein.

Last weekend I went on a trip to an underground Christmas fair, which was located in a cave called the Gemeentegrot. Actually, this fair is the biggest underground market of Europe and that is just an understatement. If you walk along the stalls wondering if you’ve almost seen it all, it’s probably still twice as big. Next to being extraordinary, it was cosy and pleasant.

Great about Valkenburg during Christmas time is that the city has more than one Christmas fair. Santa’s village, located on a beautiful plaza in the old city, is an outdoor market with a lot of eating and drinking stalls. The Fluwelen cave beholds another Christmas market and the Mergelrijk cave is a place where loads of different stories are told. Besides the Christmas spirit, there are several activities to participate in. You can ride a cableway that takes you to a tower with a panorama of Valkenburg. You can visit castle ruins or admire sand sculptures with a Christmas theme. There are various walking-tours to go on that take you from restaurant to restaurant where you’ll be offered to taste appetizers. And if you are in the presence of children, there is a winter fairy-tale forest to visit.


All of these activities and sights will definitely make you hungry. To overcome this little inconvenience, I suggest you to have a delicious dinner in one of the many cosy restaurants. The Grotestraat and Muntstraat are full of restaurants that have their terrace out, even when it is cold outside, with little fires keeping you warm. An additional glühwein will do the trick too and will help you get into that merry spirit. Be sure to find a good place to watch the Christmas parade pass you by.


Do you also want to visit this magical place? Check out this website for more information. You can order your tickets for some events upfront!

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