My Vitabreak – Week 4

The #MyVitabreak challenge is officially over. And what fun did I have! Not only were the tasks fun and challenging, they were also quite easy to incorporate in my busy life. In this last week we had to mainly focus on doing positive things in our life – something I’m definitely fan of. I will show you my favorite challenges of the week!

On Tuesday Vitalinea challenged me again to work out. Working out makes you healthier and happier. Ever since I started working I’m struggling with maintaining my weight. Sitting 40 hours in a week at work is not really good for my body. So I try to exercise at least two times a week. There was a time where I used to skip rope nearly every day (I was a student…) while watching an episode of my favorite series. However, it has been ages ago. So I was so happy to find a jump rope in my bag. The day after however, I definitely felt my legs.

On Friday we just had to enjoy the fact that it’s weekend. Even though I love my job it is quite a stressful one. I encounter a lot of deadlines and some of our clients are quite demanding. So during the weekend I love to relax, do some household, write some blogs and choose a new colour for my nails. This warm red is perfect for the upcoming winter days!

On Saturday Vitalinea asked me to release my endorphins. Endorphins make you happy, and we all like to be happy don’t we?! On Saturday I had quite a busy schedule but yesterday I went to the sauna with three of my best friends to just relax and talk a bit. It was amazing. I had to choose a bikini to take with me – but since I have more than 15 the choice was quite challenging!

Vitalinea, thank you for making November so healthy and happy. I enjoyed every single challenge & will try to continue this lifestyle from now on.  What was your favorite challenge during this month? I would love to hear from you!


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