My Vitabreak – Week 3

The third week of the Myvitabreak challenge has already ended and we are doing a final run in this last week to end November as healthy as possible. This week was once again about taking good care of yourself – both physically & emotionally.

On Tuesday we had to eat the vegetables that are at their best now. So I decided to make pumpkin soup. I have never used a pumpkin for my dinner preparations and I can tell you it was quite the challenge. My boyfriend had to help me cut it in pieces and after half a pumpkin I just gave in ;-). But the pumpkin soup turned out great and was so yummy. Cooking with vegetables that are in season always gives a better taste.


The challenge from Thursday was completed on Saturday. Relaxing, preferably with a book, a bath & some scented candles. The appartement I live in now with my boyfriend unfortunately doesn’t have a bath so I often take a bath when I’m back home in my old house. I am addicted to taking a bath. When I had exams I would study in the bath tub at least three hours a day. I know, a strange habit but it worked perfectly for me. So on Saturday I relaxed completely with this delicious bath ball from Lush. I just love their products.


The weekend was made to de-stress. On Sunday Vitalinea asked us to think about all the things we are grateful for. Especially with the scary times we are living in now this is so important… We need to take the time to think about all the things that are beautiful in life. My lovely family, my awesome friends, the best boyfriend I can imagine, a job I love – a roof under my head and food on the table… We are so blessed that we are blinded by the beauty of life and that’s so sad. So I would love you guys to list three things that you are grateful for today. You can always post them in the comments, I am excited to read what you love about your life!



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