Holiday season: The search for the perfect dress – ASOS

In my last blogpost I already showed you some of my favourite items from the H&M holiday collection. This time we’ll look at the online webshop of ASOS.  They have a limitless amount of outfits for parties and I chose some of my favorites. ASOS’s prices range from quite cheap to quite expensive. I’ve chosen some pieces with a maximum budget of €100.

ASOS especially has a lot of beautiful dresses for the holidays. The webshop is also great when you are looking for a dress for a special occasion, like a wedding or a fancy party. The first two dresses on my wishlist is this deep V-cut dress which is absolutely stunning (€58.82) and this feminine navy blue dress (€80.88). The last one is my absolute favorite for now, it is cute but fun with the embellishments on it and the price is quite OK.

This XMAS bag from Skinnydip (€44.12) is way too cute and can brighten up every basic outfit you have, definitely a winner! The golden dress (€91.18) is sophisticated and sexy all in one – it combines greatly with a classy black blazer and some high heels. The burgundy playsuit (€95.59) is so fun and sexy with the V-line that I just had to include it, maybe a bit too sexy for a Christmas dinner with your family but what a great piece for New Year’s Eve! Lastly I chose another playsuit with fringes (€88.24) that has ‘holidays’ written all over it. For me personally it might be a bit too much but I definitely love the combination. All these outfits go perfectly with these classic high heels (€47.06) which are quite cheap!

ASOS is a great website for searching that one perfect piece but sending the package back can become quite expensive. So make sure to carefully measure out your sizes before ordering a piece.

Which outfit is your favorite? Where did you find your perfect holiday suit?


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