#Myvitabreak week 2

We’re already at the end of the second week of the #myvitabreak challenge and I can honestly say I love the little tasks I get every day. This week’s motto was ‘Eat diamons for breakfast and shine all day’. And if I think one meal is important, it’s breakfast! In this post I will tell you all about my experiences from this week. How did your healthy week go?

I think breakfast is such an important part of the day. Because I know I won’t have enough time in the morning, I always eat my breakfast at work. I try to switch every day, sometimes I go for yoghurt with fresh fruits, other times I’ll munch on some rice crackers with peanut butter & banana (so yummy & healthy!) and certain days I’ll cheat a bit with the delicious Kellog’s extra and a piece of fruit. What do you prefer to eat as breakfast?


On Tuesday the task was as easy as could be, namely, drink some tea. I already told you in my first post I am a real water drinker. But next to water I also love to drink some hot tea in the morning & evening. My absolute favorite is green tea in all sizes and flavours. It’s the most healthy of teas & it tastes awesome. Drink two or three cups a day and you will feel the positive effects for your body!


Just as last week, Friday was workout time. I’m a real at home sports fan and love to get my sweat on in my living room. I often do my workout with Xhit Daily, an awesome Youtube channel with nearly all workouts you can imagine (Core workout! Yoga! Bootcamp!) I wasn’t able to do my workout on Friday evening since I left for a weekend in the woods but we went for a good hike, so let’s hope that counts too!

Which tasks did you like most this week? I’m already excited for next week’s challenges!

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