A healthy November with #myvitabreak

November is a month that, for me, always goes so slow. The good weather is definitely over and that cosy Christmas periodis still quite far around the corner. All your good efforts in spring and summer to getting that hot bikini body suddenly vanish and you get addicted to hot chocolate, chips and cookies.

But not this year! Vitalinea wants to help me, and ofcourse everyone of us, in getting fit & healthy towards the end of the year. That’s why they’ve came up with #myvitabreak. What does this mean? During the whole month of November Vitalinea will challenge you to live a little bit healthier every day. They will not give you crazy exercises like ‘Do 100 squats today’ or ‘Run a marathon’ but small simple things like ‘Drink your 1.5 liter water today’ or ‘Take a walk during the evening to get some fresh air’

​Every day they will post a small challenge on their website which you can easily incorporate in your day. You can also follow different bloggers who have joined the challenge. That way everyone keeps motivated. Every week I will post some of my favourite challenges so you guys can join me in the healthy November month!

The first week is really varied and easy to do. On Monday we’ve started off with one of the easiest challenges for me, drinking enough water. Since I’m a real water addict I always drink a lot of water. Is this still a bit difficult for you? Buy a fun flask for example at Modemusthaves or a bottle in which you can put different fruits to make your water a bit more exciting. My favorite combination: mint & lime – a really healthy and o so yummy mojito.

On Tuesday the challenge was even more fun – taking a whole evening for yourself. No wifi, no television, just relax. Since I’m a real book reader I finally found the time to finish one of the best books ever, Cécile by Ish Ait Hamou (You HAVE to read it!) On Wednesday we had to snack healthy with fruit & vegetables, unfortunately since I have a stomch flu I can’t eat these things so for me it was mostly white bread and rice crackers. On Thursday we have to get out of our comfort zone and explore the beautiful nature, while still being sick this is a bit difficult for me, but hey a small walk never hurt nobody!

This weekend will especially be a nice challenge. On Friday we first sweat! (I mean sparkle!) and get our body ready for the weekend. In the weekend however, Vitalinea really wants us to relax. So do the things you love most – like taking a nap or reading a book – and get ready for a new week full of energy. You know what they say, A sunday well spent brings a week of content.’

Will you join me next week for my #myvitabreak fun?

Ps: who am I kidding? When I do Insinaty I definitely sweat, I’m way beyond the point of sparkling then 😉

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