OOTD: Show your legs

October has peeped around the corner, and that means I’ll have to take out my panty’s from now on if I still want to show my legs. Luckily, Veritas has the prettiest ones on offer this season, to get us all through that cold, but cosy, winter in style.

During fall I tend to quickly grab a jeans every morning, it’s easy and simple and let’s be honest, warmer than some panty’s. But wearing panty’s can still be so much fun these days. recently I bought this way too cute skirt at the Sienna & Lois (well, actually it was a present fromΒ le bf) and I think it’s perfect to wear during these grey days. I combined it with a golden top and some golden sneakers (there can never be too much gold in life). The sneakers are from Faguo and these guys have really made me a sneaker lover. Wait, what? Weren’t you always wearing heels? Well, yes, up until a year ago. I recently got 5 (five!) new pair of sneakers. What’s happening to me guys?! But when you make shoes as pretty as these, it’s not hard to understand, right?

As for the bag – I was looking for a new workbag, simple but elegant, big enough to put all my non-essential stuff in and preferably in a pretty beige color. Insert this fancy baby from Bulaggi. This is my third handbag from this brand and I’m getting quite addicted. Pretty and qualitative designs for less than €100, what can a girl wish for more?

On the side, I’m already really counting down to Christmas… I know it’s super early but once the cold sets in I can’t help but be focused on one thing, cosy lights and presents around a beautiful Christmas tree. Who’s counting down with me?

Vest – Calla Lila

Top – Sienna &Lois

Skirt – Sienna & Lois

Pantys – Veritas

Handbag – Bulaggi

Sneakers – Faguo


With love,

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