The Ritual of Hammam

Let’s be honest. We all love those amazing skin care brands. But if we would be able to choose one, we’d always choose Rituals, right? Well, at least I would. Is it the packaging? The amazing scents? Or their great results? I can’t put a finger on it but I’m a numbah 1 fan. Their relaunched Ritual of Hammam collection is once again a big hit.

I can’t explain the effect a Rituals store has on me. Even though I got a shitload of body creams (I do not een use it that often!), body scrubs and body shower foams at home – I always enter a Rituals store when passing by and rarely leave empty-handed. The beautiful packaging (like BE-A-UTIFUL!) sure helps a lot but those scents really do the trick too.

One of my favorite lines has always been the hammam one, it reminds me of sauna, cosy winters and me-time. So when I heard there was a new hammam line I might have gotten a little excited. The packaging is even more beautiful (how do they do it?!) and as always the scent is on point.

And the verdict for the products itself? Of course these are as good as before – the shower foam leaves your skin soft but that black soap works absolute miracles! And it looks quite cool too. I’m just not sure of the body cream, even though I love the scent I would not leave the house smelling all hammamish. But I bet a lot of people love this too.

Discover the whole Hammam line here.

Gonna lock myself into the bathroom now!

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