Anna Nooshin for Hunkemöller: love your body

Ok so, a lot has been written and posted already about the new Anna Nooshin swimwear collection. I even had the opportunity to discover the collection first hand with the amazing Anna present, you can find the vlog about it here. To be honest, my first opinion was, wow this is a bit too sexy. But after seeing & talking to Anna, I got a whole different view on the collection, and I’d love to tell you something about the story behind the collection and how I feel about it.

Even though I certainly do not have the perfect bikini body, I am completely utterly obsessed with swimwear. Every year around this time I go nuts on all the new bathing suits & bikinis out there. So as a proud Hunkemöller ambassador I was so enthusiastic about this exclusive swimwear collection (yes, there was jumping around in my living room involved). When I saw the first sneak peek I thought to myself, this is a bit too much. On the beach or at the pool you’re already quite naked and some girls or women do not feel all that comfortable about it. Showing even more skin? Nah, gonna pass on this collection.

But in the end I did decide to go to the event to discover what the fuzz was all about. All the other bloggers were over the moon about the collection. What was I missing? And then I met & talked to Anna. I’m not a huge fangirl person, but you can’t deny this woman is inspiring and o so beautiful. And not because she has thé perfect body, ‘cus hell she is as little as me (hail to the short people!). But she loves herself the way she is, with all her imperfections. And that’s what her whole line is also about. You might not be perfect. You might have cellulite or a small belly, but you are gorgeous, you have a healthy working body. And don’t be afraid to show what you got. Even if that means showing off a bit of extra boobies. So yes, the collection is sexy, but this is for YOU, for you to love & accept yourself the way you are. And to feel pretty damn confident when walking on that beach. So head on over to the nearest Hunkemöller store and buy yourself some confidence because you deserve it!

Top – €32,99 Bottom – €22,99

Bathing suit – €54,99

Top – €42,99 Bottom €22,99

Top – €37,99 Bottom – €19,99

Big love,

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