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If you’re reading this and you are still looking for that perfect gift for a loved one, I’m your saver today. Because you will definitely find something in the Gift guide of Zalando (if you don’t, your loved one is just being difficult ;-)). I also had to find the perfect gift for my dad and brother, and what place is better to find that ultimate surprise than the Zalando website?

Zalando is the biggest online clothing shop out there. So yes, finding that one gift is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But Zalando knows that. So they made a gift guide to find not only that perfect something for women, men or children – but they even give you specific suggestions based on your budget, relationship with the person and his or her style. Like come on Zalando, can you be any more perfect?!

In their giftguide there are three quick ways of finding what you’re looking for. First, you can look for a certain gift. Let’s say you already know your boyfriend wants a new watch, perfect – Zalando already picked out the best ones. This is good when you already know a bit what to give. But we’re close to Christmas so chances are big that you’re just panicking about what to get this person. So onto option two: searching on budget. Ah, we all love this. Because let’s be honest, we love to give, but we also love to still have some money at the end of the month ;-). A lot of people also agree on a fixed budget so here you can find all Zalando’s suggestions within a budget range. My last and absolute favorite function: ‘the personalised gift’. You just tell Zalando for whom you are searching a present and what their style is and BAM! They give you twelve suggestions that they think would be the perfect gift.

I found the perfect gift for my brother through the second option and the one for my dad through the third. His workout shirt just stood there, laughing at me like ‘I know I’m the perfect gift’. Zalando, do you spy on me and my family?

And do you still need that perfect outfit? I feel ya, so while hunting for that gift for my dad and brother I came up with an awesome outfit too. So thanks Zalando for ruining my bank account but making my Christmas magical!

What I bought:


Clutch Even & Odd: €16,95 (Me!)

Dress Saint Tropez: €54,95 (Me!)

Sportshirt Nike: €39,95 (Daddy)

Watch Your Turn: €21,95 (Brother)

Scarf ICHI: €24,95 (Mom)


Good luck gift hunting! Let me know what you bought!




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